White Racism and Black Racism

Racism is an elusive, emotionally, and the historically pervasive fact of American society. In contemporary society, the problems so far are seen in the context of a historical legacy that includes involuntary slavery, the constitutional denial of equal rights, legal support for second-class citizenship, and omnipresent and diverse forms of physical, emotional, social, economic, and psychological. Exploitation and repression of African Americans of African descent are now generalized as equal opportunity issues for minorities. Use of the term minority denotes a broad confluence of disadvantages associated with being different in one of several ways, including physical or mental disability, non-normative sexual preference, immigrant or refugee status, the elderly, chronic poverty, and ethnicity and characterized by color. In addition, while not a condition of minority status, being a woman often qualifies for inclusion among the least favored.

The change in skin color is part of an evolutionary process. But that’s not the most crucial discovery a recent historical study on skin color diversity revealed. By tracing the evolution of genes and how they traveled the world, a team of international scientists discovered that many people of African descent had genetic mutations responsible for lighter skin.

The development of skin color is also a biological process. This evidence should have come as the last nail in the coffin, especially for those who practice and propagate the science of race and spread race in the name of the color.
But it did not. The string of brutal murders of blacks by white police officers in the United States, including George Floyd, who was drowned below the knee of the white police officer, shocked the world and sparked an unprecedented wave of anti-racist demonstrations.

Not just in the United States, these incidents have sparked protests around the world. In Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands, people disobeyed the confinement rules and flooded the streets demanding justice for people of color who died in police custody in their own countries.

The relationship between white Americans and black Americans has been complicated. And the reasons for this can be found on both sides. Many white Americans believe that whites are better than blacks, and many black Americans believe whites are evil. Since the United States has a black president who is doing a good enough job, the idea of the inferiority of black people is becoming less credible. And with millions of white Americans voting for this black president, so is the idea of whites being evil.

A frequently cited motto of black racists is “no justice, no peace.” The problem is that the “war” hurts blacks without hurting whites. Most whites don’t care what happens in places like southcentral Los Angeles. The victims become brothers. So when Coolio writes, “Why are we so blind to see that it is you and me who hurt?”, He is right.
A black man approached a man and told him that she was a racist. She said, “No, you are a racist.” She was right. A black person attacks a white person he knows nothing about because they are a racist. Whereas this woman, who has done a lot to fight prejudice among white people, is in no way a racist and should not be subjected to such wrongful attacks.

When blacks attack whites who wish them the best, they only empower the whites who want them badly. This irresponsible behavior hurts whites who wish for the best for blacks and empowers whites who wish to oppress blacks. It is stupid, reckless, and destructive; And black people should know enough not to act such a fool.
The white man was not born as the world’s ruler; he had to work to get it. Blacks should be able to do the same. With America having a black president, there is no longer the case for the white man to rule everything. Blacks can go as high as they want. It is up to them to figure out how to do just that.

Perspectives on White and Black Racism

A recurring mistake that happens to many black people is to view whites as universally racist or universally as their enemies. This turns the same class of people with goodwill toward them into evil while doing nothing to whites who hate black.

People who get these attacks tend to be whites who want the best for blacks and see them succeed. They are the white liberals in the cities, the same constituencies supporting civil rights and voting for Barack Obama. And the more unpleasant they are to whites who wish them well, the stronger the case for racists.

This is irresponsible behavior. Some whites hate blacks, and some whites don’t hate blacks. It is essential to recognize the reality: that the white race exists, that the white race will always exist, and that it is necessary to work with those whites who are not against blacks to counteract the influence of those who are.

Nobody chooses his race, but they decide what to do about it. A black person who randomly attacks white people who have done nothing to him is simply an idiot. These people have done nothing wrong to him and generally wish him well. If you want to take on real racists, then take on the skinheads or white supremacists and leave the city liberals alone.

Of course, confronting skinheads or white supremacists are more complicated and dangerous than attacking city liberals, and therein lies the challenge. If you are genuinely the strict and harsh person you think you are, this task demands strength and tenacity. This means that there is much more merit in confronting these thugs than in attacking whites who wish you the best, And fighting these bullies is much more respectable.

As in many other situations, this requires that things be put into perspective. Not all white people are the same. Some whites support blacks, and some whites hate blacks. And a rational black person would work with whites who support blacks to counter whites who hate blacks and improve the lives of blacks across the board.

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