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Examples of culture shock in America

Culture shock in America is a periodic occurrence for many individuals who elect to take up residence in the United States. Whether one is coming to the united states as an immigrant, traveling to the country on vacation or work-related purposes, or spending some time in the states as a student – it’s not at all strange for an individual to experience culture shock.

One of the most overwhelming aspects of life is the sheer size of it all and the sheer number of options available.

All of the things that surround you, not only eating and shopping, are on my mind. When I arrived at the airport with Adam, the first thing I noticed was how large everything seemed. Driving on the highway and the streets. Everything was so wide and spacious that you could clearly see how enormous and expansive this nation is. In those modest flats, I recall how enormous the kitchen sink and refrigerator were, particularly in comparison to the rest of the space.

Every aisle in the grocery store had something fresh and interesting for me to photograph, so I would spend the whole time snapping shots. There was a wide range of tastes, sizes, and textures to choose from. Big gallons of milk and a wide variety of cheese, drinks, and snacks are all available. I was completely disoriented by the plethora of choices available to me.

Americans, not just at fast-food restaurants but also at the grocery store, seem to depend heavily on convenience foods like fast food. And it’s also true that many Americans would take advantage of this convenience and time-saving even if they knew it wasn’t the healthiest choice.

/Now that we have kids, I’ve observed that the restaurant has a distinct kids’ menu where they may order something different from what the rest of the family is having for dinner. On the menu, they may also doodle and participate in other activities. The interesting thing is that kids’ menus are virtually always the same no matter what kind of restaurant you go to. Mac & cheese, corn dog, pizza, chicken strips, and more are all on the menu. Fries, of course, are a must-have. As a result, seeing how differently they treat children compared to how we do in Europe was yet another cultural shock for me.

Aside from that, everything is geared at making life easier and saving time.

This place has a lot of one-time-use items. For me, it was like playing with paper plates, which I found fascinating. Everywhere we go, people use them, and although we don’t, I don’t believe I’ll ever get accustomed to it. This eliminates the need for them to wash dishes. You save time and effort this way. It’s a lot to unpack. The little bags are contained inside the larger sacks. This also applies to the concepts of ease of use and usefulness. As a result, there will be less food wasted.

Drive-thrus may be found practically everywhere. Getting things done from your automobile is an option not just at fast-food establishments but also at ice cream and coffee shops, banks, and pharmacies.

The people here are very friendly and elegant.

Every time my parents come to visit, they comment on how much I like this. You’d get a wave and a grin from strangers on the street. The elevator, cafĂ©, and shop cashier were all places where strangers might strike up small talk with you. When you arrived, people would open the door and give up their parking space. As a result, arriving in the United States is a cultural shock, but in a positive way: they make you feel like you matter!

Is there such a thing as too much politeness from a total stranger? What are your plans for today?’ was a common question I was asked by cashiers at stores and restaurants. Inquiring as to what I’ve been up to today, which I find quite intimate and uncomfortable to answer.

‘How are you, sir?’ ‘How’s it going?’ In reality, they only want to say hello and have little interest in finding out how you’re doing. It’s understandable that foreigners may find it difficult to comprehend.

They are more distant, courteous, and considerate with each other because of this. Because in Europe, we don’t do that! In Italy, to be precise. Getting in front of the conflict zone is the only way to get your hands on what you desire. People here don’t seem to be as close to one another or to their families as I expected. Americans prefer to keep their lives private, maybe due to the wide distances between states or the fact that they often relocate. The fact that I chat with my mother almost every day despite our distance is nothing out of the ordinary for us. We have a cultural divide in that I share everything with my family, which my husband finds strange.

For some people, the term “friendship” has a whole new meaning. I was able to form a closer bond with my Hungarian friends than I was able to with any of the people I met in the United States. Alternatively, it might be because individuals don’t enjoy discussing their personal lives, putting themselves out there, or becoming too close to others, even in terms of the body. While in the United States, people greet one other by embracing, in Europe, they kiss on the cheeks.

Playing games during parties and gatherings

What a funny cultural experience for me this was. When I first began making acquaintances on this site, I was surprised by how superficial they were. According to what I’ve previously said, the sessions were mostly one-on-one conversations. In my experience, real and deep interactions were few and far between. Hopefully, this wasn’t due to my poor English skills.

Almost all of the meetings are centered on a shared activity. Playing a game, watching a game, and so on. There are a lot of games to choose from in the United States. Whether it’s a sport or a drinking game, there’s a game for everyone. Going to the movies. If they aren’t playing the game, they are watching it. That’s why most talks revolve around that game or activity. In Europe, a bottle of wine or a cup of coffee is all that is needed for a long conversation.

Every party, event, wedding, birthday party, and celebration is meticulously planned, arranged, and timetabled. Everything has a set timer. In the example of a birthday or wedding celebration, everyone is expected to adhere to the same timeframe, activities, and expectations.

There are so many rules, laws, and expectations, yet they all work perfectly!

In addition, there are a plethora of restrictions and signs. I had a blast shooting them since they were such a wonderful cultural shock for me. Speaking of American standards, your teeth must be flawless if you want to live in this country. That’s a critical consideration for them. A lot of work and money is invested in making sure their teeth are precisely aligned, clean and white.



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