About us

Our Work

Documents and exposes human rights and labor violations related to racial (Black and white)
discrimination, use effective actions at the regional and international levels, and engages the
international community, particularly the United Nations, on crucial human rights concerns.

Our Principles

There are Individuals whose rights are threatened, violated, or otherwise non-existent because of
their race. We think that social change begins locally and is reinforced by partnerships between
people and organizations who share similar needs, values, and experiences—the ideals of equality
and diversity and the goal of making long-term structural changes guide our work.

Our Vision

Our vision is a society in which all people’s rights are honored without discrimination.

• Seek justice for those who have been harmed by Racial discrimination.
• Promote racial, ethnic equality and the rights of persons who are discriminated against
because of their race.
• Assist individuals and communities in achieving structural changes by empowering them.
• Track and document racial discrimination and make recommendations at the national,
regional, and international levels.

We’re striving to convince the rest of the world that the race is no longer systematically targeted
for extinction.

We affirm our humanity, our contributions to society, and our ability to persevere in the face of
heinous injustice.

Executive Director of Programs

I’m Nilan Jayasekara, and I’m in charge of overseeing our race and equality programs and
developing collaborative methods to achieve corporate goals.


I was a Fellow at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights before joining this program. Because of my
interest in social justice concerns, I decided to research racial prejudice in the United States. I
worked with community leaders to increase local government services, particularly for children,
while I was there.

In 2015, I earned a master’s degree in international commerce and policy from George Mason
University in Fairfax, Virginia, and a bachelor’s degree in global affairs in 2012. My research
focuses on breaches of human rights, democracy, and economic development in the Americas. I’ve
also researched Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

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